International Air Freight

International Air Freight

How to ship internationally from Canada? We are your answer!

International Air Freight by FFCL Couriers Inc. offers fast deliveries, wide geographical reach, and minimal risk of damage and delays.

Looking for a reliable low-cost international shipment services provider? You are at the right place! FFCL Couriers, Inc. is a team of enthusiastic and experienced shipping experts who are trained in global international air cargo shipping for a wide range of cargoes.

Our team analyzes your needs, and cargo characteristics identify the best possible shipping routes, and help you estimate the closest cargo airfreight costs.We aim to minimize not just transit time, but also last-minute surprises that could delay your precious courier and cargo. Our team is well-versed with the international trade laws, and country-specific import regulations and are always ready to ensure that you get all the information related to customs, duties, and taxes to make an informed decision for door-to-door air cargo transportation.

  • Over 2 decades of international air shipping experience
  • Partnerships with core carriers for prioritizing your cargo
  • Customizable options from same day delivery* to economical consolidations
  • 24/7 shipment visibility and expert customer service
  • Flexible transportation from port-to-port or door-to-door
  • Integrated Warehousing for better returns management

When you expect the best international air freight services, for personal, business, or e-commerce, FFCL Couriers offers you fast, customizable, and scalable solutions that can answer "how to ship internationally from Canada?" in the most comprehensive manner!

We make sure we offer a high level of service quality with flexible pricing, possible due to our long-term partnerships with leading domestic and international courier and delivery companies, making us one of the most preferred international air-freight companies in Canada.